Welcome to the Rick The Hypnotist website. If you are at this site you are most likely looking for some high quality entertainment for your event or looking to purchase some self-help audios. Good news! You’ve come to the right place! Rick is a 30 year veteran of comedy stage hypnosis who has performed all over the United States. Rick has hypnotized over 50,000 people in his long career. Wow!

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About Us

Rick is a certified hypnotherapist with International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist Association has been performing stage hypnosis for over 30 years. During Ricks time on stage he boasts to have hypnotized over 50,000 people and has made countless more people laugh!

After graduating from Oswego State University with a degree in economics Rick some how fell into show business as a comedian juggler novelty act. During this time he also became a certified hypnotherapist. It became apparent that show biz was his first love so Rick decided to create a comedy hypnosis show. Having had worked with other stage hypnotist he realized that it was possible to do so much more than the usual “puppet on a string” type hypnosis show. Why not create a show that could make people laugh and also think. By showcasing the the power of the human mind in a comedic way he created a show that is both funny and empowering.


Contact Us

Feel free to contact us anytime at:

Or email at:

Past Performances

Our past festival performances include:

  • Arizona Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Bay Area Renaissance Festival
  • Southern California Pleasure Faire
  • Florida Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Florida Keys Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Scarborough Renaissance Festival
  • Georgia Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Tennessee Renaissance Festival
  • Colorado Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Sterling Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Great Lakes Medieval Faire (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival   (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Maryland Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • King Richard’s Faire Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • North Carolina Renaissance Festival (Multiple Year Performances!)
  • Sarasota Medieval Fair

We have also performed at festivals, county fairs, clubs, cruise ships, colleges and corporate events too numerous to list.

If you would like to see a live performance, our 2019 tour includes:

  • Arizona Renaissance Festival
  • Georgia Renaissance Festival
  • Great Lakes Medieval Faire
  • Ohio Renaissance Festival
  • North Carolina Renaissance Festival

So far, our 2020 tour will include:

  • Arizona Renaissance Festival (Feb-March)
  • Great Lakes Medieval Faire (July-Aug)
  • Ohio Renaissance Festival (pending) (September)
  • North Carolina Renaissance Festival (October-November)

We would love to add you to this list!