How Long Is The Show?
60-90 minutes, depending on your time frame. There can be a Q & A session after the show, if so desired.
Any Special Requirements?
10 chairs, a podium or small table, wireless hand-held microphone and sound-system if available (We do have our own system, if necessary).
What Age Groups Make an Appropriate Audience?
A person of any age has the ability to become hypnotized, but the show works best with older teenagers and adults.
Depends on availability, location etc. Give a call and we’ll discuss it.
Is It Real?
Very much so. The “hypnotic state” is one in which we are all in and out of every day, mostly without being aware of it. It’s that sleepy state of mind when you’re just falling asleep or just waking up, and you’re aware of your surroundings but you’re also still in your dreams. You can also experience hypnosis when you’re driving on a long trip and all of a sudden you’re at your destination without really remembering the drive. Another good example of how we’ve all been hypnotized is the phenomena that happens when we get ready to cross a street. It was drilled into us at an early age to always look both ways before crossing. Over and over again our parents would tell us to look both ways. They were, in a sense, hypnotizing us until it became an automatic response to do it every time. Now, even when we’re crossing a one-way street and we know there are no cars coming the other way, we automatically look both ways. We can’t help it because we’ve been programmed to do it.
Is It Safe?
Yes. As stated above, hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all experience every day. It’s not a spooky, weird, out-of body experience. Hypnotized people are in control of their own minds at all times.
Can The Hypnotist Make Someone Become Hypnotized?
No. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotist can’t force you into hypnosis. If you are open to the idea, are comfortable with the hypnotist, and willing to go along with his suggestions, then you will have a better chance of becoming hypnotized. But if you absolutely refuse to go along with the suggestions you will not become hypnotized.

Who Can Become Hypnotized?
Anyone who can hold a single thought in their mind is capable of being hypnotized. Some factors will affect a person’s ability to get into the hypnotic state on any given day: alcohol/drug consumption, a lot of other things on their mind, unable to relax in general, not enough sleep the night before…
Can A Person Get “Stuck” In The Hypnotic Trance?
No. If for some reason the hypnotist lost rapport with the subject (he leaves the room, the subject can no longer hear the hypnotist etc), the hypnotized subject, within a few minutes, will either come back to his normal state of mind or will fall into a natural, normal sleep. There’s really no place else to go.
Can It Really Help Me to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Etc?
Yes, it is possible to use hypnosis for any number of therapeutic reasons. As noted earlier, we’ve all been programmed to look both ways as we cross a street, and we’ve been programmed by advertisers to like certain products and by politicians to think a certain way. Why not use it for your personal, positive gain? You can re-program yourself to make better eating choices, or to enjoy exercise again, or to realize that you don’t need cigarettes anymore. It’s a powerful tool that can be used for positive results