Self Help CD’s

Time to drop a few pounds?

While using the Lose Weight CD you will reprogram your subconscious to make better diet and exercise choices to help you reach your desired fitness goals.

$20.00 + S&H


We all know it’s time to quit smoking.

The Quit Smoking Now CD will reprogram your subconscious so that you can enjoy a smoke free life!

$20.00 + S&H


Having trouble falling and staying asleep?

The Sleep Now CD is a guided relaxation into blissful sleep complete with soothing background sounds of nature.

$20.00 + S&H


Need to be a little more relaxed during the day?

While using the Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD you will subconsciously scan your day for areas of stress and tension and discover better strategies to handle these stressful situations. You will then automatically implement these new strategies for a more natural, relaxed and productive life.

$20.00 + S&H